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Made in Spain - Making it in Britain
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It is with enormous pleasure we can announce that the ‘Made in Spain, Making it in Britain’ conference (Monday 2nd July 2012) was a huge success. This has marked the start of something great and powerful in the combining of like minds and shared passions. This is only the beginning for Spanish brands and their headway into the UK market, so watch this space! The initiative to drive and promote the expansion of Spanish companies in the UK was organised by Creative Orchestra, London’s only Anglo-Spanish advertising & brand marketing agency, in collaboration with the Embassy of Spain (ICEX and the Spanish Tourist Office). In the midst of the Euro crisis, this landmark event was designed to highlight and celebrate the successes of Spanish brands in the UK, raise awareness of Spain’s quality offerings and inform people of the many positives that Spain harbors. And ultimately, inspire other brands to look at breaking into this lucrative market. We had inspirational speakers from top brands, who have found success in the UK, and who gave valuable insights into the British consumer. These representatives included:

  • Agatha Ruiz de la Prada – Top Spanish Fashion Designer
  • Enrique Eduardo Ruiz de Lera – Director, Spanish Tourist Office
  • Peter Wyhinny – Managing Director, SEAT UK
  • Jose Antonio Zamora Rodriguez – Economic & Trade Counsellor, Economic & Commercial Office, Embassy of Spain
  • Juan Paz – Marketing Director, Estrella Galicia
  • Chris Arnold – Founder, Creative Orchestra

Attendees also gained an understanding of how to overcome the many challenges that companies face when breaking into the UK market, and an insight in how to overcome them. The overall message was to focus on Spain’s passion for quality and excellence. The conference was followed by a sociable evening networking with other influential people in the industry and delving into a taste of Spain, with thanks to an array of delicious food and drink from Ibérica Food, Marqués de Cáceres and Estrella Galicia. On this page, please find photos and videos from the night, including interviews from all our inspirational speakers, snippets of their presentations, and great images highlighting the passionate atmosphere and sociable networking.

Made in Spain - Making it in Britain Speakers
Spanish Tourist Office (London) - Enrique Ruiz de Lera (Director)
Spanish Embasst Economic and Commercial Office - Jose Antonio Zamora (Economic and Commercial Counsellor)
Creative Orchestra - Chris Arnold (Founder Anglo Spanish Advertising & Brand Marketing Agency
Seat UK - Peter Wyhinny (Managing Director UK)
Estrella Galicia - Juan Paz (Brand Marketing Manager)
Agatha Ruiz de la Prada - Agatha Ruiz de la Prada (Owner and Fashion Designer)
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