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Green Technology

Spain has become one the global leaders of solar and wind power over the last decade. With several of Spain’s largest energy multinationals taking an interest in the UK’s large renewables potential, the future is ripe for the Spanish renewable energy industry in the UK.



With over 13,6 million Brits visiting Spain every year it is time that we started to take more notice of the cultural and historical wonders of Spain.  With a history to challenge Italy and Greece, tourism in Spain could become a more rounded experience for its millions of visitors.


Spanish Exports

Spanish food is experiencing a renaissance in the UK thanks to the virtues of the tapas culture being embraced by the British public and its celebrity chefs. With Spanish restaurants sprouting up all over the UK and its produce flooding our supermarkets is Spanish food taking over from Italian?



Spanish wine, often disregarded in favour of cheaper competitors, is seeing somewhat of a renaissance in step with Spanish food in this country.
With several famous brands, Spanish winemakers could find a new home in the UK for its faltering home market.



Despite Spain being in the midst of a serious economic downturn the prospects of Spanish banking is on the up overseas. Santander in the UK demonstrate the optimism that Spanish banking must hold when considering its future.


Contemporary Fashion

With the huge Spanish corporation Inditex dominating the global retail landscape, the future of Spanish fashion brands in the UK can expect to mirror the astronomical success of Zara in the UK and the world over.



As one of the most important factors in the life giving and ever sought after Mediterranean diet, olive oil is now a staple in many UK homes. Spain produces the most olive oil in the world and should start to really focus on marketing one of its most valuable exports.



Spanish beer may just be one of many flooding the UK market, but some of their most famous brands like San-Miguel and Cruzcampo are paving the way for further Spanish ventures into the British lager market.

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